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For his radical and effective treatments of diseases. Even if they can never build one, at least they will learn something about mechanics and physics which is a lot better than what they are doing now. All i am saying is that because they show a picture of the sun as an energy input it is not fair to lambast it as overunity. To explicitly state it again: under the precondition that. Applications are hypothesized for experimental falsification or. Overunity generator guide book it has created a tradition that applies to all. So if you are looking to take your electrical independence into your own hands then this digital ebook download is likely to be worth  shot for you. Every energy device we use today is running at extreme under-unity as exemplified by the conventional generator that requires 15kw of energy in to produce 10kw of energy out.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

Overunity generator guide does it works solar generators can now work on diesel, petrol and propane generators. It is due to several factors, one of which is the warming up of the electrolyte, speedup of the chemical process. Sorry if this is the wrong place. Thus i may moderate or even shut down flameish users or threads to keep the list's tone civil. The overunity or free energy generator is designed to inexpensively power private homes or small workshops. After an initial input of energy from an outside source, the radiant energy electrical generator will operate as a very efficient device. Why is there so much red tape, and why does it take decades for a revolutionary idea and or technology to hit the mainstream. Inside or outside the country, that is interpreted as giving an adversary. Facing west – the parking lot over which mike saw the drone can be seen with a number of parked cars. Power out is always less than power in.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

Tesla who invented today's ubiquitous ac electric motor, was a serb born in croatia. Coupling of a field to the spins of a hard permanent magnet. Consumer fraud alert regarding overunity generator guide. Overunity generator guide is a powerful program that does not end with the whole process associated with its invention of the device. This is a particularly troubling part of the story, since. I would freak out if something like that happened. [ 0003] recently, magnetic generators have been developed that.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

Solar energy is collected through a solar generator with a solar panel. After years of research and experimentation, gray conducted his first test of the ema motor in 1961. War is perpetuated, and we only hear about it when it benefits the global agenda.  what we are doing here is presenting a potentially safe and easy way to build your own free energy motor and generator. I stumbled across aspen’s circuit a couple of years ago in my intensive experiments. Through extreme size differences in pulleys. Or don't we still fear the unknown, even if it. Magnificent accomplishments in physics are renowned and well-known. Or more dipole magnets of the k first magnet sequences so. And a generator based on this concept works itself without any breaks and hence can provide power of all your daily electricity requirements.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

In his introductory statement, laviolette said: “there are two energy generation processes that operate in the universe: conservative energy generation and nonconservative energy generation. Knowledge, even keeping it out o£ college textbooks. Naudin and tomb-455 who just show us exactly how to do what they do, and for that, we are grateful to them. -----------begin retyped india today newspaper article. These are indication in a closed design demo. Other things that must me taken care, according to 10-15 other friends who reproduced versions 3. Put the barbell in space and run the generator. Pls explain the bigbang theory, dark mather & dark enegy.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

The installed cost for the smallest, the three-megawatt electric generating plant, is $8 million. So where is your support for your grand assertion of bs mr. Once you discover just how easy it is to build the overunity generator. Around it with an angular speed depending from the cogs' ratios. This indicates the possibility of overunity efficiency. It has taken time to process all of this in the midst of a very stressful move. …the aliens' advanced technology, which uses nonpolluting fuel, could revolutionize the transport of goods and people on this planet and rejuvenate the biosphere. To impede the high prices of electricity, you will make a homemade generator to your own waste.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

Torque problem, as your ac generators are just winding up massive amounts of. Obviously i am worried for our health, especially with a baby on the way. Retherford, “fine structure of the. A few years ago tewari said, “i clearly see self running space engines to be the motors and generators in immediate future — ‘space’ engines , because it is ‘space’ that creates electrons.   a video presentation of dr. (in a vision which he showed me the week of my becoming born. Space in the rotating body of the n-generator. Has developed core technologies based on an electromagnetic hybrid motor/generator, and on a new methodology for an improved charging process for batteries.

Overunity Generator
Overunity Generator

Surrounding the ship, it was teleported more than a thousand. Of course, the most important is your electricity bills are often saving. Motor generator set are also used to convert voltage, phase and frequency of power. The excess energy is freely input by the. The same at about $30,000 plus or minus depending on various. Nevertheless, i took you off ignore temporarily in order to give you a few fives, for at least not trying to bob and weave and dodge and make stuff up. ” – nikola tesla,“man’s greatest achievement,” 1907.   disinformation campaigns are rolled out and executed in accordance with unexpected disclosure events like this.

Editor’s note: mike was sitting at the stop sign in his dodge grand caravan at the time. Everything that you need to get started building this simple device is included in this 59-page document. After an initial "power up" from "any" electrical source a sensor begins to rotate creating what is known as "over-unity power". Approximately 4x for a doubling of the rpm over original design. Moving belt through 10 mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference, multiplying your # of. Excerpts from an additional email;. The magnetic power generator history. To tell you the truth, we really haven't put a plan down just yet. Thou shalt not be too easily annoyed.

Even cobra has said that there are no more negative timeline scenarios. Electricity with every extra generator attached. In the early 1970's but in the. Johnson engine is already self-powering. Built to drive ignition coils) mounted on a common axis and switched in. The matter is that customers have paid money, for products they. Anyway, please do not stop thinking and feeling. Overunity generator guide based upon clickbank refund policy declaration, just when you don’t more time similar to unlimited power generator team’s unlimitedpowergenerator.

Factor confirmed the readings of meters we had supplied for tests i. Paul laviolette (1991) suggested taking a more lenient. See below some of the money raised so far. In short: there is no place for skepticism in this forum, you won´t get far trying to court a lady with skepticism, cause truly that is what the qeg is, a lady with a mind and a will of her own.  brilliant light power (formerly black light power) is the name of mills’ company that’s producing the generator and doing the research.

Turning water into fuel – hydrogen fuel. Now if the power is generated at 11 cents /kwh that does leave a lot of room for a profit and for this plan to actually work. Exerted on the flux gate cores should decrease as well. “blacklight power (blp), founded 17 years ago as hydrocatalysis, announced last week that the company had successfully tested a prototype power system that would generate 50 kw of thermal power. For support, the real “smart guys,” we have used physicist jeff smith formerly of the international atomic energy agency. Fortunately, most modern browsers such as.

4khz) from a lower order harmonic. 1991) of his energy extraction device. The number one right thing about these generators is that they save you plenty of cash from paying expensive electric bills. Normally, in cases of invention fraud, stockholders clamor for their money back and the inventor declares bankruptcy. Under a new plan unveiled on sunday, a network of solar panels linked to rechargeable batteries will be provided free to households and financed by the sale of excess electricity generated by the network, the government said. As a result, there are now 17 col applications for construction of as many as 26 new reactors in the usa.  the exhibited violation of the law of energy conservation becomes a non-issue when we view the universe as an open system.

Solar homemade generator make spend of the same concept with solar powered communities. When other two choices did work. Start with the smallest, nearest asteroid. An electromagnetic generator without moving parts includes a permanent magnet and a magnetic core including first and second magnetic paths. I do have a vague recollection of somebody ‘official’ coming out there and telling a couple of the air force guys that the unit wasn’t supposed to be out on public display (i. Special notice that an induction coil is drawn without the interrupter but is clearly part of the patent on either side of the two circuit options at coil 5 and 50. How it could be positioned to connect with your audience. Anyways, using the peltier effect would give you the hot/cold but i don't think it would generate enough heating/cooling that you would need to spring the nitinol.

He was brutally discredited for trying offer the world a better future…. There is a lot more than meets the eye about jim murray. , chief engineer, electrical engineer, a mechanical engineer. Traditional physics recognizes and measures “radiation” – the energy dissipating from a system, and those waves run our cars, heat our homes, fuel our weapons. So far zpe conversion has been utilized in nano technology, there are also many patents for the conversion of zpe into useable energy.   on the other hand, in 2010 the university of ottawa evicted heins from their lab space, and based on the videos at his youtube channel, it looks like he’s back to working out of his basement. Tesla wished to build a large power station based on this principle to beam electric power all around the entire world, however it was never completed. Dated as 5/23/05, that i found on the internet.

In order to be patentable, a device must be useful in some way. The over-arching need for free, clean energy could change these baby steps toward a greener planet into a big giant leap by utilizing a tesla generator. This is the light polarisation. Electrical power generation with this plasma-to-electric power technology lends itself ideally to mchp and microdistributed electrical power to replace the existing infrastructure. To patent his uni polar generator, the u.

In 2007 richard willis was attempting to build a dc pulse motor. Telsa’s radient energy concept used spark gaps that generate signals with very high bandwith content. Out 300 watts but i know only little of this at the moment. And since the chemical equivalent of mechanical debridement is the use of cayenne pepper (not salt as noted in dr.

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The castle survives to this day and is available to the public for meetings and events. Exactly what it looks like - a transformer with a core and windings. A device cannot be reproduced. 6 times greater than its weight. In ye oldie  text books and certainly by edward leedskalnin the term ' magnetic current' is used. Richard presser who has been working with the technologies, attended a conference in italy, spoke with caroline keshe, mehran’s wife, for 2 hours, and is now distributing the technologies in multiple locations across the globe.

The body of fascination will be made of royalex, a tough rubber-like uniroyal product. All three components of the supersystem continually interact with each other. This system generates 12v and maximum power was slightly over 60 watts. I'm really not sure what it would take to make a big enough spring, or enough more manageable size springs, to do some useful work. Once the manetronz is spinning at a good pace, flip the cup over so that the magnet is rolling on the large end of the cup  and continue to spin in the same direction. “they asked her if she still had the article from national geographic, and she leaned in and said “no, but i’m relatively sure if you call them, they can help you”. More than that, the battery does not have to be brand new. However, there were many different.

Light energy, a kinetic energy in a form of electromagnetic radiation, is something emitted by hot objects (the sun, bulbs, lasers). I have seen videos from kapanadze where he had big gas bottles near the apparatus. All the fluro tubes were removed from service a year or more ago as dim or non lighting. A few examples are as follows: the scientific community:. Some that are simply more efficient than traditional types (but. New and novel phenomenon of space power generation. The axle bed of the lever is connected to the surface. One thing for sure, entire industries disappear and the world goes on.

Overunity Generator For Sale

Our thoughts, feelings, emotions, perceptions and more all influence physical reality. Do only 4000 rpm with the completed disks. For your own personal transportation situation, tell us something about what you need, and we'll have at it. This is also what drives windmills, the are anchored to the ground, forcing the wind to move past them. Em causative agents—thought to be the force fields—were not. Tesla’s off-grid generator program comes with 100% money back guarantee.

The crankshaft stays the same, regardless of whether there’s a flywheel or flexplate bolted onto it. The secret to this is in the capacitors and in being able to split the positive. The longer wire length in the 40 hp motor mirrored yielded. It is literally impossible that.  while this generator isn't really water powered (no combustion of water), it does use water as the medium to convert pressure to velocity. - as for this project, the free panels/batteries, as well as the power generated/stored, is not 'owned' by the participating householders. In that form the equations.

“of the pictures you sent it was closest to the biggest bulky one [the ty b. The company is therefore dependent on investors with deep pockets and shallow brains. State heat pump powered directly by electricity or,. It seems to have been an electrostatic device. I don’t know the optimal weight. On june 6, 2005, fleischmann, mckubre, hagelstein and krivit. Zechmeister and schappeller are anti-heroes. Every wear a helmet, because here we go. When a force f translates through a distance, that is the classical notion of external mechanical work w, by the equation w= $f#dl.

Overunity Generator

Excitation circuit powered by a 9-volt battery (…this according to. In this product, you will enjoy instant savings of up to 87% each month without having to install the expensive and difficult to maintain solar panels. Can be used in a variety of propulsion and anti-gravity devices, with. A generator takes energy from mechanical torque and converts it to a similarly equivalent amount of electricity, but some of that energy gets lost to heat. For the shrapnel to be travelling with full immersion through the sand should give even better energy absorbtion. Add all that up and you'll realize that the overunity generator would save you tens of thousands of dollars over the next decade…. It has an external battery to run, overunity generator guide hoax a body cycle. Our entire solar system is demonstrating signs of abrupt, massive climate change as a buildup to these stunning events. The body spins slow at first but begins to pick up speed quickly. In addition, because tesla off-grid generator is very light and portable, it is one of the best emergency generators you could hope for.

Even skeptics would want to enter into a world where this technology was accessible — they are just too cynical to believe it is possible in their lifetimes. Dear graham, please consider teaching and possibly manufacturing parts for your device and disseminating via an educational program. He is the first to admit that he doesn't know how his machine works from a physics standpoint. To date, however, this revolutionary discovery remains. For example, one study was done during the israel-lebanon war in the 1980s.

Overunity generator guide overunity generator team for people who have chosen people to save the air in the country because electricity is lifted. Energy of that point changes in the lever system. Massive genocide, the killing of 90% of humanity and so it became the focus one of. There's always be some subtle physic that prevented the machine from running indefinitely (such as friction). A-regauging also creates additional force fields, which may be used to. This last stage of co-development is simple in comparison to what we have already accomplished in such a short time. The fetus urinates into the amniotic sac and creates its own amniotic fluid composed of various salts plus urea, creatinine and a host of other ingredients all of which are held in high regard for regenerating the skin and thus are included in cosmetics. The device operated with a displacement current. Simply hit the button below to generate amazing new buzzwords and phrases for your business now.

The inventors are brasilian and the patents are wirtten in portuguese.

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They use energy in this system. Everyone people, i suppose had the chance to carry a magnet through hand. Electricity is created by rotations) + there by multiplying your ac. Whittaker's 1903 decomposition of the scalar potential. The n-generator has been further developed in the usa by de. Of 19th century science and explaining it in terms of today's science. Whereas in evert's scheme, it is excentric from the common axis and rotates.

Demonstrate to my visitors that my theories were correct, i would stick my head into that coil and i. The camera guy turns the tv off with the remote control. If string theory is to be a theory of. The same admonition about not dunning us repeatedly. Machines, with an emphasis on magnets and electricity. About the possibilities of such a fantastic event occurring. I liked the microwave coil giving cars plasma spark igniting water with a carberator.   reducing energy costs by replacing old, inefficient hvac equipment with high efficiency units, switching to efficient lighting, reducing or eliminating wasteful electrical loads,  increasing insulation and switching large loads to off-peak hours, etc.

  since the electric field is not attached to the charges on the disc or wing, but rather resides in the surrounding ether, these unbalanced forces are able to propel the disc or aircraft forward relative to its instantaneous rest frame. Into higher levels of the hierarchy established within the ranks of the. In this embodiment, the total number of the winding slot and the windings is 54 that are grouped in 6 regions. This method is barbarous and wantonly wasteful and will have to be stopped in the interest of coming generations. Generators in alignment for the belt. Dipolar power supply is already a cop>1. However, in all cases, a flaw has been found when all of the relevant physics is considered.

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Increase the efficiency of your home energy savings with a magnets motor overunity generator plans using household materials and parts. The guide reveals to you the complete information about the schematics and the plans of who to make the overunity generator. A metallurgical laboratory, in an inert atmosphere). Told that we are allowed to, “know that it's near, even at the doors ” mat. This is a splendid chance for all the curious people out there. The pair have created multiple sizes of the generator. The working fluid was oil whose.

2cm coil length each at. Fortunately, the colored temperature, the fluorescent lighting palate, is measured in hot light, overunity generator guide plans warm white range. I think there are a few things to watch on this. It depends on the definition of voltage in this case. A tesla wave is a longitudinal. No one can deny there are over 24,500 sealed criminal indictments on the books right now in the us — an all-time high. Vacuum to do internal work on the system, changing the stress on or in the. We have god’s word,(ezekiel 1:16) to set us straight = we only have to believe). All of these add together to create a simple, but remarkable stable device. The guide is made to help its users save as much money as possible by making a generator.

Are now discovering and using longitudinal em waves. “but if that was what he was trying to do he couldn’t have picked a worse tactic. Christie said he and mr. Guys like thane heins have their hearts in the right places, definitely, but hardly any theoretical physics acumen. And it will work anywhere you set it up.

The men and women that have already built their free energy generators will be laughing at them though. A full wave bridge rectifier, you can also produce dc electricity. Documentation ended up in other parties possession so i don't have.

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Can get electricity to generate itself, without having to have, nor having to. My overunity generator guide review. The airmobile was driven out of business in the late 1930s by the securities and exchange commission and the u. Governmental community have been decrying that we have a great energy. Modern engineering practice does not require a primary source of electricity be. Overunity generator guide review), i am going to mention some pros and cons, about overunity generator guide product, so just keep reading overunity generator guide review to the end. If you live in a dusty area, overunity generator guide overunity generator team it is necessary to set up a timetable for cleaning every six months or to be clean and ensure that the solar system works best. Overunity generator guide review magnetic generators are easy to install. The short and sweet of it.

Makes no difference whether the lever is doing something or not. Based on the quistions to our hosts we received following. However, the american patent office refused to grant. It is possible that within the first. Anyway i know what i saw. It didn’t contribute even one percent to the environmental pollution and therefore is regarded as a ‘green electricity generator’. This is a comprehensive program presenting what you need to do, tips to get it completed and also most importantly, why you are performing it and the way it might benefit you.  here again, we find that when properly deployed, electric and gravitational fields can be made to generate enormous energy outputs. The design shown in the pic would not be very efficient indeed.

In one of kapanadze pictures we can see that he is using measurements in lenght not in turns. Note that the ring shells are not complete yet. Can be explained by the communication between the two inventors. This alternative resonance was the foundation of tesla's wireless system , read his court records he states over and over again “this is not an electromagnetic system” still. Experimental verification of superconducting self propulsion. Some reasons that the server might either reject or discard your message:. This means that it attracts the receding magnet.

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The author of overunity generator guide discovered the blueprints of the device and as soon as he realized how fruitful it can be in changing the energy industry, he gathered the information in the form of a guide he named overunity generator guide. Each segment cannot be less than 34 grams in weight, as the law of the squares defines that value as the lowest value suitable for the reasonable generation of electricity. Kapagen : tomb455 version : how to build the output coil. Components, and (iii) the active local curvatures of spacetime and. I created an account just to reply, because you must be joking.

It has the chemical symbol h2o which indicates that each molecule is a combination of one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms. “it is almost totally silent but not quite. Readily achievable, and even higher cop can be achieved by special measures.  this is a reactionless propulsion that violates both newton’s third law and the first law of thermodynamics. And financial support, and "a distinct cost effectivness problem. This proposition earmarked tens of millions of city funds for schools, including new funds for arts education.

I didn’t count the turns, but i took care to have the 3 wires of the exact same length, and wound quite properly together. Not quantum physics as a true science of physics, but to use quantum physics to take the quantum leap into the so called “spiritual”. If you don't believe that try reading into tesla vs. They laugh at me, so i must be right". That segment has been separated from his thursday public teaching and you can find it here. Caused by the tuning means 80. Wars will become obsolete and et disclosure will begin.

Overunity generator guide review turn off the tv. This includes overunity generator guide pdf diy panels, solar 12-volt arrangement or thin film plate. None of the patents claim a reliance on the wonders of 'zero point radiant energy’ nor to the discoveries of tesla. This event is predicted to create a. According to its inventor, roger shawyer, a relativistic effect generates a net thrust, an effect confirmed by various emdrives he has built as demonstrations. But you need to 1st select out of your plenty of sorts of homemade generators today. You just have to multiply your electricity.

Overunity Generator Guide Review

Scam, rather it's something that most people never. Overunity generator guide review-is this scam. Full review of overunity generator guide. Perhaps another, much more controversial one, is now. I even have drained seven trading accounts and lost thousands of greenbacks. Someone telling me that adamski was said to have declared his whole. The original device presented in the bearden's meg paper. Flux exchanges–and their dynamics–which can act upon the elements of a.  (left, you can also see a picture of him with tewari here).

I take extreme precautions to ensure that i maintain control of my life and do not get overly busy or agitated, as that is now very dangerous. As part of this overunity generator guide review the discount is only available from the official website. In classical physics, the energy of a system is relative, and is defined only in relation to some given state. The reason for this is probably that human power isn't enough for much larger power production. Let us first review the device that is considered a true free energy source by some people, solar and wind. It takes a few different elements to split the water molecule and release the gas's stored in it. It is worrying that idea was condemned without sufficient. This principle states that the position and the momentum of a quantum mechanical particle cannot both be known arbitrarily accurately. In this case there is no load in the primary circuit, so of course what is measured is not real power.

For the prime financier, the strategy of tens of millions obtaining completely no expense electricity was a nightmare. The generator can power all types of house appliances including the heavy ones without any problem. Conduct meaningful experiments in these new advanced energy machine. Already, one company on ebay. You might want to send me a copy of your original message, and the server's response, so i can try to.

Into thermodynamic equilibrium with their environment i. Of actual physical, emotional, and legal harassment being made to.

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You are using multiple mini-pulleys of 1cm circumference to multiply your total. Supporting evidence arises from inventions that utilize coherent ion. This process is equivalent to a steam engine that extracts mechanical. My dream is to invent a super efficient energy generation machine made from off-the-shelf parts, develope it to a usable level, and freely share all information for independent replication. You have none, yet are dead sure you know the facts. Check out the diagram below and understand the complexities of an overunity motor generator. The best most efficient build magnets motor overunity generator plans can be found at our site with step-by-step construction diagrams to follow.

I decided to include the following (around one hour) youtube presentation about his “big eureka” perpetual motion machine for two reasons. Extremely easy to assemble:since the whole package comes along with step by step video guide along with diagrams to make it more easy to understand and assemble, the “overunity generator guide” is effortless to compile. Benitez was issued 4 british patents on a “system for the generation of electric currents. But the court was unconvinced, and sent the device to the national bureau of standards for testing. By the way, a kinetically charged phone would be a billion dollar idea.  contrary to what forbes claims, numerous independent labs have verified his claims. Do the same with the second so that it is protruding the exact same length from the block on the same side of the block. Based of the wimhurst machine.

“there were cars coming on colonel glenn road and after it passed over i actually was looking at the different drivers faces to see if they were looking up at it too. Disks remain stationary while the two inner ones are mounted on a. -   you are wearing a. – this will show you the exact and straightforward steps for building your own mini generator along with instructions on how to connect it an electric box. Homes and offices and industry, and has kept the gas pump meter on the gas. J d - i guess the torque is a problem if it is loaded. The third situation was most applicable to our forum. However, it does not run by itself, it is run by energy extracted from the vacuum (energy that most people won’t accept or understand until they see it running). Even fusion, the most efficient means of making energy we know of, uses up its fuel eventually and stops. To the mit cold fusion colloquium next friday) i found this.

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Get 1000's ac cycles by using many mini-pulleys with generators. ” it was purchased from a diploma mill called trinity college and university—a british institution with no building, campus, faculty, or president, and run from a post office box in sioux falls, south dakota. There is no current involved, or practically none, considering that to. Both patents (figuera and hogan & jakovlewich) share the same principle, and both patent are representing an overunity generator withoudt dragging.  nikola tesla would have referred to this as “harnessing the wheelwork of nature”.

This has been going on for years but is coming to the point where it is simply a relatively easy way to build a system that keeps its batteries charged up. As pete just told me recently, “no one will believe this, but there are americans all over the galaxy. Will demonstrate my gain of power to anyone at any time,,,,,,,,,,,. An alternative that will also help in saving the cost of electricity in our homes. I just hate black boxes. The new resonance design of this generator also can turn the overunity machine, that only has the output power higher than the input power, into an independent system with no power source. Anti-gravity, tortional energy, harmonics, synchronicity and many others.

“i really got excited about electricity when they tested the first radar across the potomac in 1936. If you plan on riding your quad bike in a wooded area, its advisable to wear eye protection as mud, stones or even a bug can fly into your eye. “since i saw what i did last year it has had an affect on me —i’m not saying life changing, but more of trying to find out exactly what it was and what is it’s purpose. Despite of the conditions, the electromagnetic diy generator can succeed in contrast to the solar generator which is powered by the sun and the wind turbine that is mainly powered through the currents of wind blows on an zone. The most intriguing fact is that the hogan - jakovlewich overunity generator is based on the same concept as one of the patents from clemente figuera. The ratio system remains the same, but could use some computer simulation to plot percentages exactly. Overunity if we're going to succeed using the powerful stuff that comes.

Keep in mind that much of the technology we now take for granted would be absurd to generations of the past; such innovations is just relative in time as to its general acceptance. A powerful pulse of time-polarized (scalar) waves instantly. Reading this article made me wonder if this would be a good way to store extra pedaling energy when one goes bike riding. But, overunitygeneratorteam simple overunity generator guide exhibits a tremendous opportunity, and he reveals some secret demonstration of how tesla’s patented “free power device” can help you reduce the charges of the electricity bill by almost 87% overnight.  it is also an invitation to participate transparently, with integrity, in the greatest period of change ever seen on this planet. The energy needed to push away the magnetic field at one side is about half the amount of the strength of the magnet itself, but when the magnetic field returns to its original state does that happen with the full power.

Overunity Generator Review
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Overunity Generator Review
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