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What about a story in your world that appears to have ended or run its course. Family supports and financial growth to improve their lives. Green jasper was used to make bow drills in mehrgarh between 4th and 5th millennium bc.   if you have a hidden question or concern, an answer may not manifest itself initially in your chart and should be addressed upfront with your stone harbor nj astrologer. If you are born in july. The ill effect of sun according to the positioning of different houses:. But then every stone thrown would probably be a. It was valued in ancient china not just for its beautiful colour, but also its apparent ability to bring good luck and fortune.

Horoscope Stone
Horoscope Stone

Mars is also suggestive for the combativeness component of these personalities. To come and no matter how evil, there are always new opportunities for good. The traditional zodiac stone for leo is onyx. (note: we strongly recommend our users to consult with an expert astrologer before. The people may wear this stone who want the success in the diplomacy. This stone works with your heart chakra, to help you keep your desire for wealth in balance with your own emotional desires.

Horoscope Stone
Horoscope Stone

Suppose a particular planet is not strong enough in the horoscope of a person and a person was hence suggested to wear the stone that represents that planet. This stone mostly controls the heart region, thereby attracting love and passion. Positive traits: witty and aspiring, these natives have their own unique way of perceiving the world around them. Leo ascendant can wear ruby, yellow sapphire and red coral gemstones. Prodded by the cardinal and fixed influences, call them indolent and. They love everything foreign from languages to food and philosophy. This is because based on the date of birth of a person; the current positions of the planets might have either a positive or a negative on the life of a person.

Horoscope Stone
Horoscope Stone

If there is an issue or problem they like to solve it by compromising. But at this juncture, their ignorant but logical conscience puts a question: "is it really fruitful to wear stones. We also have some fabulous ideas for this new year. Once these techniques are mastered, it becomes very hair which came upto his shoulders. Leos do not like having to humble themselves for love, neither do they understand its true meaning or how to make sacrificies themselves.

Horoscope Stone
Horoscope Stone

Their sting is strong, and they never forget a wrong done to them. [8] this energy is being emitted from an outer envelope at an effective temperature of 5,922 k,. The festival of happiness in japan is a celebration of the flower. Zircon is the talismanic stone for virgo. “i [look] at each sign’s good and bad personality traits to see what stones would complement them and support them,” says maria mccabe, a serious stone collector and owner of the online shop grateful gemhead. Daily original horoscope - about zodiac signs and meanings. It is the purple manifestation of quartz crystal, a primary stone formed from pure magma. You are at your best when your passions have standards. Understanding the nature of your own zodiac sign can help you gain personal perspective, growth, and a greater connection to the universe and the earth around you. Cosmic tip: embrace the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Horoscope Stone
Horoscope Stone

Often a rich and well to do person wears just any stone out of curiosity or suggested by an imposter astrologer. Then and there if any show stoppers in life, easily they could cross the barrier with will power. You can select east style or north style or south indian style. Western astrology also associates other gem stones with some of the signs of the zodiac; these are also shown below for completeness. They feel at home when they are offering warmth and security to others. How to use your zodiac birthstone. The period of the sun in pisces is a transitional phase that allows us to restore meaning to the life perspectives that we have set ourselves.

You hardly loose temper and shout; just a little high pitch is suffice to frighten people that you are not happy with the developments. Save for only the diamond among precious stones, the ruby is the hardest gem. A natural born leader, you learn early to enjoy the attention that comes your way. Dreams are still a mystery for us and at the same time have pleasing as well as terrorizing effects on us. Perfumes and have hobbies like photography, drawing, gardening, painting, etc. They are semi precious and brittle meaning they can get damaged easily. They are dwarf-heighted, have small parts of body and beautiful nose, are lazy by nature but versatile, ardent lovers of pleasure, good writers. Chandrababu lays foundation stone for urdu varsity in andhra.

Its necessary to know about the gemstone you are going wear if that is going to give good or bad effects according to your horoscope, otherwise, in the case of opposition, that can also do harm rather than benefit. People facing professional stagnancy and prolong career instability are often recommended to wear navaratna. All the aquarius personality traits on the basis of star knowledge and facts are given on this web page. Cormorant: sighting of this bird in the dream is an inauspicious sign that indicates catastrophe. It also is protective in averting the mind from psychic. All air signs are mastering the mind. Brahmani duck" this is the spirit bird for you as a scorpio moon sign in jyestha nakshatra, duck can fly, walk and swim; this signifies the spiritual and subconscious ability to handle the challenge and get success in material life.

Healing stone and chakra for virgo in 2019. Birthstone is an excellent aid to help you with enhancing creativity,. Crystal horoscope: healing gemstones for pisces season. Use this stone at the solar plexus, where it will stimulate your personal power and enhance your will-power. With this motive in mind, we at pavitrajyotish offer you astrology products such as gemstones, yantras, and variety of other services meant to serve you with your astro problems better. Although the different stones formally have the same chemical composition and structure, they are not exactly the same.

Are also three factors which play a specially important part in the individual. The stones we have selected and listed. Amethyst can also assist with healing from grief and releasing addictions, and supports general emotional stability. See also black onyx: stone of power. You may begin a sound wellness regime this month. The health of your mother could give you some. The healing powers of amethyst are a remedy. Capricorn as the zodiac sign are confident, calculative, successful in business, creative and make good authors. [22] transformed in order to escape the monster typhon.

They are slow workers also. Relationship to ayurveda (how to determine the ayurvedic physical type. Carrying a flag: sighting of the self in the dream carrying a flag and emergence of creeper, trees etc. A great professional opportunity may present itself from an unexpected source. People having vision disorders must wear this stone.

Try to take the initiative to meet their true love. Today, crystals (also known as gemstones and healing stones) are known to carry energy fields that can be present for hundreds of years after they are mined from their quarry. Resonance of the sound of the letter itself. Any planet in transit or in birth horoscope will have special impact and significance for sagittarius. Seducer who puts to the test our feelings and our moral *firmness” and is temporarily able to overshadow our thoughts completely. A chinese legend refers to the diamond as “the stone of morality”. Birth rashi stones are based on your horoscope. If you find one that has golden rutiles in it (these stones are sometimes called ‘venus hair stones,’ because the rutiles look like golden hair trapped in the crystal), then that’s even better. Those capricorn associated with number eight pragmatic and analytical doers in all life matters.

If you’ve been struggling with your words or gadgets, you’ll be happy to hear that mercury’s retrograde ends on thursday. Highly valued for its spiritual properties, lapis helps you to access sacred knowledge, expand consciousness, communicate with your spirit guides, and purify your mind and soul. Astrology finds out the suitable gems/stones for a person through. List of stones as this may help. Compatibility with aquarius: air signs together are bound for success since they are similar in many ways and they are also balanced on an intellectual level. A chart may also be calculated for an occasion, an inquiry, or even a location such as stone harbor nj. The zodiac sign of leo represents the. It also provides blissful marital life and good health. Alder people place high value on their time, and feel that wasting time is insufferable. If they don’t channel this interest into mental pursuits, they can end up creating their own mysteries.

People who have red as sign color express themselves with creativity and imagination as they possess an appreciable artistic flair. Horoscope to become thoroughly acquainted with these three factors both. One can do good within the genres of music, theatre,. This list is merely a guide. This connection and so pure love can only exist between twin flames. When he decides it, he can, thanks to his charm and intelligence, convince and seduce even the worst of his enemies.

Biting by the dog: secret attack by the enemy and consequent loss.    people born when virgo is rising are above middle stature. Used in this way you might experience a pulsing sensation when you put it on your third eye, during your meditation. Native-born as the scorpio moon in vishakha nakshatra is courageous enough to leave their comfort zone behind in order to achieve success in life. You do not understand something. Cosmic tip: adopt the ‘business with a heart approach’. The key to overcoming this day will be to flow with the universe, and not allow yourself to be carried away by the confusion and tension that your astral sky can cause. Wash the ring and apply kumkum and sandal paste on it and place it on the plate. He can't even run his own life.

Saturdays are fair for wealth otherwise bad. After abraha's death, his son masruq abraha continued the axumite vice-royalty in yemen, resuming payment of tribute to axum. They are highly ambitious and try utmost to acquire higher status in life. Note: if your "focus" birthstone is unavailable, then use your "karmic condition" and/or "quest" birthstones until you can get your "focus" birthstone. Compatibility with aries: although these two appear to have more differences than similarities, cancer does bear some resemblances to aries.

This red leo birthstone is translucent, and where its clarity is too cloudy as to be nearly opaque, the leo stone would always be translucent around the edges. Other gem stones associated with taurus are emeralds and diamonds. You are in a perpetual search of the answer to the “why. Love and compatibility for may 31 zodiac. However, employ care when dealing with your offspring. Though roses are available in many colors from red to pink to white to yellow,. To overcome emotional challenges of those that are long gone.

The largest star is know as regulus and has been used for navigation at sea in the past. Lucky stones for leo man. A few examples of semi-precious stones are red coral, pearl, hessonite,.

Horoscope Stones

Leo will like to give their opinion, their impression, their ‘two cents worth' and why not take over at the same time. The order of the zodiac is as follows-. Rare and exhibited great beauty, the reason they were so precious was due to the. This rare green gem stone is also used for people who find it hard telling the truth. Men who devote their talent to purposeless. Sighting of the elders: this is a beneficial sign. Contingencies beyond the grasp of the human mind. Being away from the stress of work and responsibility will help you relax for a while. Horoscope gem stones and their association with chinese astrology and culture.

Yellow sapphire gemstone is particularly good for those desirous to be blessed with children, or those interested in nobler aspects of life and in the occult, charity, spiritual motivation, yoga meditation and religious preaching. Unselfish submission defines love for the piscean, who gains more pleasure from giving than from receiving. It is possible to buy many of those listed as birthstone jewelry, and. A+ numerology name analysis in hindi clickhoroscope165. Climbing a heap of the cereals, fruits and vegetation: such a dream and subsequent awakening indicates good fortune. As the lower nature is. Which will be beneficial for you then you must research properly before investing. Their likes and dislikes, and unless they can find an occupation that is. The recommendation of gemstones is specific to a horoscope and will vary with every horoscope.

Rising or when the first three degrees ascend at the time of birth the person is. Can also read libra monthly horoscope. Your income will be constant but expenses will. The first rule of friendship with a scorpio is that you never, ever cross them. They are sure of themselves and make those around them jealous, a situation they greatly enjoy.

It is perfect in a necklace. For in-person readings, websites like yelp offer reviews readings is currently more than 12 months. Leos are noble people, bear themselves in life with dignity and pride. Probably that is why they get so much done. Towards a careers in the church or as mediums and mystics. To obtain the benefits of these kinds of stones according to your horoscope we can keep them on a bracelet or a necklace, and it will be. Jupiter has been in this sector since november 8, 2018, which may have sped things up or intensified feelings.

Includes among other things, the interpretation of a vedic horoscope,. Besides, they are in good health and have a big chance to find their true love. And nonattachment to worldly desires and ambitions. This means that people have to take good care of pregnant women. This affinity is reflected in ancient calendars, since it was through astrology that zodiac birthstones eventually became the birthstones for months.

Horoscope Stones In Hindi

The leo man in a classic suit with a bow tie will look like a real gentleman. The main zodiac birthstone in particular, amethyst, is thought to enhance spirituality, as well as nurture gentle and affable qualities, and bring peace, love and happiness. You are a gifted individual who can paint, play music, and undertake all sorts of projects and actions without ever having taken any lessons. Before being used for decorative purposes, the stone is highly polishedand the corners are made sufficiently rounded. Eye gemstone to ease down their ketu if the planet if present in the 2nd, 10th and. In general, quartz is a fairly durable stone use as a gift of love. They are affected with headaches, indigestion and stomach irregularities.    the other class is the extreme opposite,.

This event will occur between saturn, the planet of structure, and pluto, the planet of transformation. Being in the fixed moon sign as scorpio, your decision-making ability is firmly determined but that may be harmful to you and for your bright future as well. The planets in conjunction with the description of the sign. You can work with both stones simultaneously, or one or the other. New year’s horoscope for leo recommends behaving more restrained, yet all the guests deserve attention.

They do and finish their work quite fast but irritate others by their nature. You are often misjudged as an outsider as you have a tendency to be withdrawn in spite of your extroverted nature. Since purple is also a symbol of majesty, the stone plays a role in. Life and you should get dismayed with any of the problems in your life. – metal, earth, fire, wood and water. The weekly horoscope for libra has an energy where there will be many elements of your life that may be beyond your ability to control right now, so you need to adopt an attitude where you will handle what you can until circumstances change.

Libras will, however, need to be as determined as possible and remember that their attitude is responsible for everything that happens to them. Citrine crystals are a powerful stones to aid abundance and prosperity, and have a positive vibration that may induce happiness, joy and hope. Diamond is known as vajra or the one that is indestructible  in sanskrit , heera  in hindi and diamond in english. The possibilities of matching horoscope under different circumstances is endless and it gives an insight into the compatibility of persons who wish to work / live / interact together. You can be a master in whatever you put your mind to. Smart and passionate, and prefers justice. Their ability and expertise in astrology may vary to different degrees, however their ethics are honorable and they want to give you the excellent service and the most accurate horoscope that they can. Today, the first point of aries, or the vernal equinox, is in the pisces constellation. That is the stone helps to inculcate the virtue of resilience in the wearer.

Home and domestic issues take priority over your career these days. Eventually, she realized “a man can’t birth a child” – and when she was 10 or so, she asked prince, “we gotta have a mom, right. Those around them may never know the depth of. Endings are just beginnings in disguise.

Horoscope Stone For Libra

For having a longer life line, most of you like to wear the life stone and the life stone for the mithun rashi is panna which signifies the lagna lord. The most important test of a diamond is that, all light entering the front of the stone is totally reflected from the back facets which form a series of mirrors. Great organizational powers, strong belief in their abilities and determination to strive for goals. He gives freedom to ask many questions and his horoscope was absolutely true. They are of a wiry, and persistent nature. Their ambitious nature does not allow them to ever give up.

Goal and might give more time to your studies. Our capricorn horoscopes and astrology websites come from the best internet astrologers. Rotated under a beam of light. At times, keeping the peace has made you feel like a hypocrite. So, get ready for the roller coaster. Pooja for wearing gomeda should be performed on wednesday between 6-7am and 1-2pm. Government work related foreign trip is on the cards. Based on the ruling planet of the zodiac sign, this.

Tourmaline is a gemstone little known to be a leo birthstone. Natural ruby stone, a native of libra must analyze the position of venus and saturn if these two planets does not exist in the horoscope of a libra only then they can wear ruby stone. They are caring to those close to them and in time unravel how they are always in search for the next adventure. Overall 2018 is an excellent year for the leo zodiac sign. Lucky gemstone for thula rasi.

House, hence general in the extreme. Though they may fear losing their sense of identity in love relationships, they can be captivated by dreams of completely satisfying their partner. Virgos are great list-makers; you will find them with a list for almost everything. The astrological chart is created from the earth’s two separate movements:. A very trustworthy and reliable team. Pisces absolutely do not need to use the newfound understanding. At firstwhen i scanned her photo ithoughtsomething water or tossed together and daily urdu horoscope leo read is called lithomancy. Lookout for someone to complete them.

They are the best listeners of all the signs. Serendibite was discovered in sri lanka by dunil palitha gunasekera in 1902 and named after serendib, the old arabic name for sri lanka. Enemy planets such as mars,. Ability to see the balance of all things in time. This quality exposes the charming nature of those born on december 26 and their punctuality and cleanness about most life situations. In vedic astrology, chaughadia muhurtas are an  effective method to find out the intra-day auspicious times to start a new venture / project / business or begin an important / auspicious work.

Horoscope Stone Colors

If you liked the stone, but it is not recommended to wear astrologers, it can be "tuned" to yourself. Chinese zodiac monkey: chinese horoscope 2019, personality traits, fortune, love compatibility, lucky numbers and colors, birthstones. Also the persistence in the following a given course; and whatever financial. It is another stone that will help libras achieve higher states of meditation and intuition. Some examples of precious stones are diamond or sapphire, yellow sapphire, blue. And later the stern whip of necessity will be applied to goad him or her into. ” but paris remembers his “exhaustion” as rehearsals began. Like all other astrological signs, a pearl acts positively on the health.

But the studio, built by michael in a brick building across the courtyard, happens to be roughly the size of a decent manhattan apartment, with its own kitchen and bathroom. They prefer comfort to risk and try to create stability around them and their families. A prophecy surviving from the second millennium bc says that children born in the 12th month would live a long time and bear male children. Therefore after initiating a project they tend to loose interest if the project requires too much detailed attention. Articles such as dating a sagittarius man or the article on the. Will help to balance your male and female energy. These two zodiac signs are ruled by the planet venus and so is the stone rose quartz. Keep in mind that if you wear an unsuitable gem, you are inviting more problems.

Do you know what the love horoscope is. Neelam gemstone is generally quite expensive, though exact cost would depend on size etc, so you must collect the receipt and the certificate from the seller. But once you have an idea on how to identify if neelam stone is genuine you can certainly get an inkling if the stone you are buying is genuine or is just a piece of lolite, benitoite, tranzanite and so forth. Select individual icons in the image grid for more information about cancer and associations for the sign cancer. You should indulge in indulging in bad food habits, and try to avoid any junk.

Surely, as easily, and with equal uncertainty. The internal structure of the opal causes the stone to diffract light thus exhibiting a range of colors. In astrology color plays a major part in our world and without color our existence would be limited. The disease being denoted by the aspect, and the afflicting planets. For other uses, see onyx (disambiguation). People may be a little depressing this month according to the luck prediction in 2019. One of the strongest qualities of a sagittarian person is. Their moodiness can baffle others, but their unique outlook on life is something most people can appreciate. It is used to get success in legal problems, digestion and liver problems. Sedimentary rocks form under the influence of gravity and typically are deposited in horizontal or near horizontal layers or strata and may be referred to as stratified rocks.

Most of the times, it has been believed that the readers, who are utilizing the ebooks for first time, happen to truly have a demanding time before becoming used to them. Gem stone" specimen of a stone called.

Horoscope Stones In Tamil

We have also parted with information on the rituals believed to be necessary to purify the gemstone before wearing and the mantra associated with that gemstone. Are also full of suspicion and lack of faith in others. Cash in hand looks healthy and chances to buy expensive stuff are bright. Website horoscope daily free takes no liability, or responsibility for any actions any visitor chooses based on advice in the content. Of the last phase of saturn' sade-sati. This may not be the best day to implement change and new ideas. Capricorn as their zodiac sign. Being grateful for their help will enable you to live your relationship in a way that you’re both more satisfied.

Horoscope bracelet 2019 review- the best way to recover you from the negative vibes. Leo children do have an insatiable need to be recognized, to be the centre of attention and may sometimes dominate their peer group. The purpose of wearing a cat's eye gemstone is that the stone must be in contact. Getty imageswpa pool this week, meghan markle delivered her first solo speech as a royal, but there was an even more.   any of these stones will be effective for you to use if this is your sign. Their great strength should’ve also been mentioned, not just for aries or scorpio and i really hope those qualities get included in the article too. Your life is busier than usual this month, although in the last week of the month, the sun moves into your privacy sector and you'll feel the distinct need for some form of relief or break from the more competitive or demanding elements of your life. White coral denotes the night light, pink coral denotes venus, and red one denotes mars. The meanings of healing stones will help you to discover more about the crystals healing properties of many of these stones which are quite effective.

 under a leo planetary transit, we can get swept away in our personal theatrics and romantic affairs, fully opening ourselves to the splendor of our desires and self-expression. This will tell you your stone based on your life path number according to numerology. Mars is the mythological god of war, and was often worshipped by the ancient romans. Papaya: sighting a papaya in the dream indicates monetary gain and some other benefits. For too long now this extensive and rich tradition of celtic astrology has been sadly neglected. Mercury’s retrograde during the first three weeks of november creates the potential for misunderstandings, though. Avoid any rash talking with your family.

Wear ruby gemstone in a special metal on sunday and with the right method for getting the appropriate results, but only after consulting with the good and experienced astrologer. Also, a majority of people hold a perception that a high price is a certification. Compatibility with pisces: the subtle connection between these two signs is generated by their sensitive side. Thank you team lucky stones. But this doesn't worry you.   depending on what you want in a reading will determine which approach you should look for in an astrologer near stone harbor nj. You were supported by an entire army. Your spirit team is working with you.

Horoscope Stone In Urdu

Aquarius girl personality in urdu. Social person and thereby, the stone helps in the promotion of. Wash the ring and apply kumkum and sandal on it. It is good for those employed in the media and communications spell'leo horoscope urdu daily s radius will immediately stop being healed. Other gem stones associated with aries are diamonds and rubies. Daily meditation:  you have to learn the rules of the game. Hora muhurat with information and what can be done in that hora. Daily urdu horoscope leo decision yourself. Worst,) deprives a person of his sight, a benevolent configuration awakens in. It works on all levels of the energetic and physical bodies and resonates with all chakras.

• red coral is the gemstone for mesham. Ajet can be used as substitute gemstone for the following…. However, it would be wise to make physical exercise and diet a regular part of your daily regime. In color, expressing laughter, cheerfulness and content. The sun in scorpio is synonymous with a possible significant money gain, for example an estate. How to build for the. The most important part of each kundali match is that the kundalis need to be brought together to a professional astrologer. Coral: this is the stone of planet mars. If a romance were to begin this month, it would be characterized by a strong feeling of companionship, but it could also be to a certain extent impersonal and perhaps lacking in intensity and intimacy.

Ray; therefore the balance was set in the heavens to direct their aspirations. When you talk about romance, pisces, you speak with great concern. A religious event in your family is likely near august 2019. Matrix that moulds the physical particles from the maternal body into a new. Native born in this constellation always like to be in their home, freelancer job is good option for them. Best gemstone for libra – a stone must be worn. Want to receive your daily horoscope. The virgo stone is believed to bring peace of mind and prosperity. Horoscope in urdu 2019 has an authentic information about star's lucky day and lucky number, prize bond number, lottery and lucky stone. Soothes stress, anxiety, women's hormones/menstrual imbalances, enhances intuitive senses.

The word opal is derived from the roman term ‘opalus’. Accordingly, the zodiac gemstones that work for one sign may also be helpful to another. A number of good examples have been transferred to the historical museum in yerevan and beside the cathedral in echmiadzin. During the time of the sun in aries, courage, righteousness and strength combined allow to sweep away all the obstacles that would come through the road of the noble souls who decided to assert themselves to print a positive mark on the world.

Horoscope Stones For Leo

What are the solutions associated with the problem in matching.    the archangels, who were humans in the sun. Some diseases it is believed to cure include epilepsy, fever and insanity. You may feel like strengthening those partnership ties, but you’ll probably either piss somebody off or the other person in the equation will just be in the mood to give you a ration of shit. Find the lucky stone for the muslim name of your child. Each guna is allocated a specific numeric number, which when added sums up to 36. Should a planet like one of the above named by in retrograde motion. It rather should be testified. If a planet is unfavorable to you, do not strengthen it by wearing the related gemstone as it causes more trouble.

By talking oliver stone, takes the initiative and puts things into motion. The emotions can run deep and often cause you to look back and reflect upon the past. The pooja to wear the ring of aquamarine, green onyx, malachite, green zircon and green tourmaline semi precious stones must be performed on wednesday, 6-7am. The celtic cross, a pre-christian symbol which was later amalgamated with the christian crucifix. However, yekuno amlak, who killed the last zagwe king and founded the modern solomonic dynasty around 1270 traced his ancestry and his right to rule from the last emperor of aksum, dil na'od. Particular boosts clairvoyant abilities and the associated psychic. To unfold what lies further ahead, take a look at your aquarius weekly and aquarius monthly horoscope.

Black cobra: sighting of a black cobra in the dream augurs well. He's a gold prospector in the literal and figurative sense, very at ease in the artistic professions, actor, graphic artist, illustrator, choreographer or contemporary artist. Yellow sapphire is particularly good for aeries, scorpio, leo, cancer, sagittarius and also pisces. There’s an invisible force that keeps pulling you back to your partner. When utilized together these fortes provide you with excellent direction and focus. We try to fulfil all kind of astrological needs you as a customer may have. The birth horoscope is also the blue print of the jathaga's life and times, because it does tell a lot about the physical, psychological makeup of the individual, the wealth, the parents, the siblings, the wife and an entire gamut of things that matter. Libra woman - information and insights on the libra woman. The signs of the zodiac, including leo, are used.

In view of the fact of harming the taisui, you roosters will be very likely to get hurt; you should stay away from violent exercises and watch out while travelling and driving. We always worked very hard and today we are happy that we received this gift from you. “but the more i actually got to know him,” says prince, “he’s a really cool guy. Their public image is what is important to a leo. Citrine is a great manifester, helping to clear and activate the lower chakras, the powerful points in our energy system for manifestation and creation work. Today, you may fulfil your commitments which will improve your performance and reputation. You should have some basic knowledge.

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